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Client - Jill Shapiro, Lifestyle Coach

Jessica is a Quickbooks genius. While I thought I could handle my books myself with a business background, I was completely overwhelmed with what I should be doing. I was spending hours every month tracking every detail with excel, which really was just creating more work when it came down to tax time.

I knew about Quickbooks and dabbled with it a bit a few years ago but thought the system was way too complex and more than I actually needed. Now that my business has different streams of income, I really needed to get organized with a system that I didn't have to think or worry about, and also something that just runs itself. I decided to try a simple, online version and gave Jessica a call to help me get set up (side note, don't try and do this yourself, you need an expert!)

Not only is Jessica smart, diligent, and super organized, she is also a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond and helped me set up my books in just a few sessions. I am so beyond grateful that I decided to work with Jessica because now I'm a Quickbooks nerd myself (also, the app is awesome). 

If you're struggling and spending too much time being your own bookkeeper, please call Jessica! I can't recommend her enough! 

Client - Sonya Yruel, Photographer

I'm a small business owner and I have been using an old version of Quickbooks to manage my bookkeeping. I knew it was time to transition to the newer version, Quickbooks Online, but I was concerned about making mistakes with the migration of my data. I also needed training and guidance to learn the newer version.

I contacted Jessica, and in three, 1 hour consultations she had me up and running! You can meet with her in person, or you can use a screen sharing software called Screenhero. She was able to see my monitor and we could converse through the microphones in our computers. It was a really efficient and convenient way to "meet."

The experience was really great and has given me more confidence in managing my own books. Jessica is very knowledgeable and was really nice to work with!

She helped me with Quickbooks, but she also offers personal financial planning, business financial planning, accounting services, and small business coaching.

Client - Nicole Pittman, Artist, Entrepreneur, & Life Coach

Jessica at Beam Financial helped me understand all the overwhelming details about my finances and set me on the right track towards financial organization and financial freedom. 

She not only set me up with debt repayment plans and projected income spreadsheets, but helped with with practical strategies to increase my income and create the career I dream of. 

Jessica was calm, knowing, and understanding, which is especially reassuring when it comes to vulnerable matters such as debt and financial worth. 

I couldn't recommend Beam Financial enough!