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Simplify + Organize Your Finances

A Complete Tool Kit for Your Small Business

Health is your life. You think about the health of your clients as well as your own on a daily basis, but what about the health of your business?  We are here to give you the tools you need to ensure that the financial health of your business is thriving!  You will then be able to manage your business with insight and intelligence.

Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by the financial aspects of their businesses. You are so focused on marketing your products and services (as you should be) that your finances sometimes fall to the wayside. By setting yourself up for success in the beginning, and keeping to a simple weekly or monthly maintenance plan, there is no need to worry. Your business will practically run itself!

In this program, you will discover the tools to make running your business a breeze. Your finance-related anxiety will disappear and you will have all the support you need to succeed!

Sign up for this program if you:

  • Are a new entrepreneur or have only been in business a couple years
  • Feel uncomfortable with record keeping, tax preparation, budget preparation, and other financial matters related to your business
  • Want to automate your record keeping by learning a simple approach to using Quickbooks for your business
  • Want to save time figuring out the financial piece in order to focus more on your actual service/product
  • Are tired of trying to figure out what all the financial acronyms mean (EIN, FBN, P&L, DBA)
  • Want piece of mind knowing that your business is on the right track and you are making informed decisions

What is Included?

  1. Five content-packed teleseminars
  2. A comprehensive Workbook which includes spreadsheets, action items, and screen shots
  3. Access to the Financial Health Forum to ask questions and interact with other entrepreneurs

Teleseminar 1:

  • Manual tracking of expenses, revenue, assets, and other tax-related calculations (i.e. home office expense, depreciation)
  • Setting up your business bank accounts, EIN number, and registering your business
  • Balancing your business accounts
  • Setting a record keeping schedule
  • Receipt and filing procedures
  • Other tax-related items to be aware of (calculations, deductions)

Teleseminar 2:

  • Budgeting/financial planning for your business
  • Tracking your budget/adjusting the budget
  • Pricing and program development
  • Where is your funding coming from?
  • What to know about sales tax
  • Vendors and 1099 forms

Teleseminar 3:

  • QuickBooks Overview Part 1

Teleseminar 4:

  • QuickBooks Overview Part 2

Teleseminar 5:

  • Understand your relationship to money
  • Know the value of your service
  • How to determine how to pay yourself (salary)
  • Client payment policies and procedures
  • Selecting a CPA
  • Estimated tax payments

To sign up Complete the Contact Form with the Subject "Sign up for Program" and we will get you started shortly!